Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Making a little progress today...

We met with two talented artists today, Kristen and Carol, and accepted them as new Gunnies! They walked around our empty store and told us how excited they were to join us. It's hard waiting for the building to be painted. Can't wait to see all the Gunnies and their wares in one place.  It won't be too much longer. 

Cottle talking with a new Gunnie about our vision.

Wayne came in to give us a quote for painting the walls a nice pale gray. 

Yep, we're Under Construction!

Did you know we're planning lots of painting classes in the cottage workshop? It's a DISASTER with a capital D right now, but has so much potential. We are about to BUST to get in there and start working! David almost has it empty and we are so ready to make it shine! Might give you a little peek in a few days. 

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