Sunday, March 16, 2014

YES! We opened for the Mardi Gras Festival on March 1st!

Out our front window during Mardi Gras Festival

We were so stunned by the crowds (not shown here, LOL) that we hardly took any pictures of the day! We had revelers of all sorts! Many with beads stacked clear to their chins. Many friends and neighbors came in to congratulate us, which warmed our hearts.

The store looked as presentable as we could make! As you can see, a look behind the counter on opening day tells the rest of the story. What you can't get straight...HIDE!!!

It was a scramble to the finish line and we couldn't have opened if it weren't for the help of so many dear friends and helpers. Mildred and Granny, our Gunnies, Elizabeth and Ofelia, Angie and Shannon (for a delicious meal while we were working overtime), our husbands, Wayne and his painters, Saint Marys Welcome, and The City of Saint Marys for a great event that brought thousands to the downtown area. A great day to launch our new business.

We were living off fast food and frozen dinners. Angie and Shannon delivered this delicious home cooked meal TO THE STORE.  So appreciated, ladies. You've been there!

We'll post more on the gruesome process of turning Sterling's into Cottle &Gunn in a future post. You don't want to miss that! Until next time, this is Ronnie and Deb (Cottle & Gunn) living in a small town on the coast of Georgia. XO